Saturday, 7 January 2017

4 Oct. 2016 (Reunion with Kato family)

Today started with Aloysius going to meet his church friend who was studying in Tokyo and Aleo lepark in the apartment. For Kellie, it was time to look for special buys at Daiso and other ¥100 shops in Tokyo!

Since their last visit to Singapore years ago, Mr & Mrs Kato (Yoshiaki & Makiko) were meeting Kellie, Aloysius and Aleo after a long time. They found that the boys have grown up.

We were treated to a fusion dinner at the Orange at the Midtown, which we all enjoyed.

3 Oct. 2016 (Kappabashi & Akihabara)

After a well deserved rest, we travelled to Akihabara for lunch before Aleo stayed on to check out the IT shops as he is interested in self-assembly of gaming computer and also see the manga shops.

With the 3-day (72 hours) pass, Kellie, Aloysius and I took the subway to Kappabashi.

From the junction, the cups on each level of this building marked the start of "Bakery" street - a long stretch of shops after shops selling bake wares, crockery, all kinds of chef knives, etc.

Some of the purchases made here:
1. Super-conductor butter knife
2. Super-conductor ice-cream scoop
3. Rectangular stone slabs for food display
4. Warabi mochi powder