Saturday, 7 January 2017

3 Oct. 2016 (Kappabashi & Akihabara)

After a well deserved rest, we travelled to Akihabara for lunch before Aleo stayed on to check out the IT shops as he is interested in self-assembly of gaming computer and also see the manga shops.

With the 3-day (72 hours) pass, Kellie, Aloysius and I took the subway to Kappabashi.

From the junction, the cups on each level of this building marked the start of "Bakery" street - a long stretch of shops after shops selling bake wares, crockery, all kinds of chef knives, etc.

Some of the purchases made here:
1. Super-conductor butter knife
2. Super-conductor ice-cream scoop
3. Rectangular stone slabs for food display
4. Warabi mochi powder

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