Monday, 15 February 2016

JR Pass with Hokuriku Extension

With the Hokuriku extension running since March 2015, we can travel to western Japan, the Sea of Japan.

We plan to travel to Toyama, the birth-place of Fuiko Fujio, the manga writer of Doraemon - not sure if we can view the 45 volumes kept at Takaoka Central Library though. We will also get to see the firefly squid that glows in the night and perhaps get to eat them too.

We will land in Tokyo on 23 Apr. 2016 and be busy till 26 Apr. so we are not sure whether we will get the opportunity to see the beautiful sakura blooms. I watched "Waku Waku Japan" yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that the Hirosaki Sakura Festival will be held in Aomori from 23 Apr. to 5 May 2016.

With the 7-day JR Pass which cost ¥24,000, we can travel from Narita to Toyama on 23rd and then on 26th afternoon or 27th morning for the 7-hours shinkansen trip to Aomori. [See the picture from JNTB with the sakura blooms around the castle] which is certainly worth the long travel.

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