Sunday, 15 May 2016

Actual trip along Hokuriku Route & beyond

Armed with our exchange voucher for JR Passes bought from JTB Takashimaya @S$374.00, we flew to Tokyo Haneda Airport on 22 Apr. 2016.

1st Day - 23 Apr. 2016 (¥12,210)
1. Arrived at about 9.50am
2. Cleared immigration and redeemed for JR Passes at JR Reservation office & reserve seats for Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kurobe (Toyama)
3. Using the JR Pass for the 1st time, we took Tokyo monorail from Haneda to Hamamatsucho Station.
4. Then switch to Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station.

5. At Tokyo Station, we headed to a huge bento shop with wide selection of "Ekiben" and chose our bentos with Japanese tea before heading to the platform for the ride at 12.24pm.
6. The train arrived about 10 mins. ahead of our departure time and with clockwork precision, a team of cleaners went thru' cleaning all the cabins before turning the seats to face the our direction of travel.
7. After we have settled down in our reserved seats, it was time for our lunch.

8. At about 3.20pm, we arrived Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station and took a local train to Uozu Station which was next to APA Uozu Hotel. [Only setback was the absence of elevator or escalator to get down to the underpass that leads to the hotel]

2nd Day - 24 Apr. 2016

It was the Sabbath, the Lord's day so spend much time in church.

3rd Day - 25 Apr. 2016

Within Uozu, we move about on foot, covering move than 20,000 steps to survey the built-up areas as pray the blessings of God over the people in a 1.0km radius.

Took local trains[Not covered by JR Pass :)]  to Toyama City to reserve Shinkansen sets for our departures to various locations, Morioka, Tokyo and Osaka. Also got Narita Express tickets for those returning to Singapore on 28 & 29 Apr. 2016.

4th Day - 26 Apr. 2016

In order to cover more areas with time constraints, we rented bicycles from the Uozu Tourist Information Centre. It was simple, just let them photocopy an IC and pay ¥300/3 hr/bike. In Toyama City,there are 3 locations with free rental of the bicycles:
Service:9am-6pm of March 1 - Nov. 30., rental bike service at 3 stations in the center of Toyama city. 
Fee: Free of charge (return within the day)
Register at either of 3 stations with your ID.
< 3 stations>
 1. Information at JR Toyama Station  TEL:076-432-9751  
 2. Toyama shimin Plaza   TEL: 076-493-1313
 3. Ikeda Yasubei Shoten   TEL:076-425-1871

5th Day - 27 Apr. 2016

1. Took local trains[Not covered by JR Pass :)]  to Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station.
2. For me, I boarded Shinkansen Tsurugi to Kanazawa Station & then transferred to Limited Express Thunderbird for Shin-Osaka. The whole trip took 3 hours. [¥8,650]

Met up with ママ and spent about 3 hours over okonomiyaki lunch at Shin-Osaka station. The pork & tomato okonomiyaki was super yumilicious!

3. Took Shinkansen Hikari for Tokyo Station in 3 hours. [¥13,620]

6th & 7th Day - 28~29 Apr. 2016

Travelling around Tokyo using JR lines like Yamanote, JR Utsunomiya, etc. It was F.O.C. However, must be prepared to walk about 400~700m to reach the JR stations. Each trip costs between ¥200~400. Therefore, for a total 10 trips, can save average of about ¥3,000.

*Alternative to having to walk quite a bit to reach a JR station: (Reference: Tokyo Metro)

Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket

PriceAdult: 600 yen, Child: 300 yen

  •                                                         Subway TokyoTozai.png Tōzai
  • Subway TokyoYurakucho.png Yūrakuchō
  • Subway TokyoHanzomon.png Hanzōmon

  • Tokyo Combination Ticket

    PriceAdult: 1,590 yen, Child: 800 yen

    A ticket allowing unlimited rides on Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, Toei Streetcar (Toden), Toei Bus (except for buses with fixed seats, etc.), all sections of Nippori-Toneri Liner as well as all JR lines within the Tokyo metropolitan area for one day as stated on the ticket.

    Rail Pass for 2 or 3 days are also available.

    8th Day - 30 Apr. 2016

    For the trip from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport, I chose the route:
    1. JR Yamanote from Tokyo to Nippori Station in 12 min [¥160]
    2. Keisei Skyliner from Nippori to Narita Airport in 42 min. [¥1,240]

    At Narita Airport - Look out for photo-booth giving free photo with sumurai or shogen gears.

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