Monday, 28 November 2016

1 Oct. 2016 (Day trip to Kyoto)

We checked out from Hotel 1-2-3 Kobe and took the train from Sannomiya to Ibaraki station and Mama was there to take over our luggage and convey back to "Yasuki Hotel". Then, we made our way to Kyoto.

Upon arrival, we went for lunch at Ukiyahonten (有喜屋 先斗町本店)


As we reached the bridge near Gion machi, we went to get the 抹茶 (matcha) that Aloysius wanted to buy.


There was something else caught my boys' attention in Gion - the traditional kimono.

These ladies in kimono (着物) or yukata (浴衣) were strolling a narrow street in Gion, so Aloysius took a quick snap as after so many days in Japan, we saw these traditional costumes for the 1st time.

The following photos of the real gems; the Maiko (舞妓) were given by Mama when we showed her the shots taken by Aloysius. The elaborate head-gears & kimono were simply beautiful.

Before travelling back to Ibaraki to have dinner with Mama, we stopped by this dango shop.

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