Saturday, 19 November 2016

28 Sep. 2016 (pm)

After the scrumptious seafood lunch, we moved on to visit Otaru by going back to Sapporo and then Otaru; all by JR trains using the JR pass which is FREE instead of ¥640 each.

 Arrived at Otaru station in 30 min. and headed out right into the central boulevard (中央道)which led us to the famous Otaru Canal.

On the way back, we stopped a nice shopping street to rest our feet.

This was something that we must stop for - ice-cream!

So we had the super yumilicious Hokkaido soft ice-cream!

Aleo's face of contentment after his 1st ice-cream!

We found this dis-used railway track which offered the setting for nice photos.

.Back in Sapporo, the boys again soaked in the hot tub of fruity bath salt to end the night in Sapporo.

The map to get around Otaru.

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