Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Day 1 - 27 Sep.2016

Came out of the arrival gate at 8.45am and let the boys and their mum pick up some refreshment from the kiosk nearby while I went to collect the pocket wifi from the Post Office on level 4 (actually just a small counter). Mentioned to the PO staff that the vendor was "iVideo" and showed them my passport and in a jiffy was given a docket which contained the pocket wifi, the charger, USB cable, the pouch and the return self-addressed envelope.

As the boys checked and set up the wifi, I went to redeem the JR passes from JR East Travel Service Centre at B1 (Immediately after redemption, we can go straight thru' the JR ticket gate to board the Narita Express):

1st leg from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station (Narita Express 10)
a. ETD 9.15am, ETA Tokyo 10.17am
b. ETD 945am, ETA Tokyo 10.44am
*We chose (b) so that we need not rush as each of us pulled along a trolley luggage.

2nd leg from Tokyo Station to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto (SHH) Station (Shinkansen Hayabusa 19)
ETD Tokyo 12.20pm, ETA SHH 4.34pm [Duration: 4H:14M]

3rd leg from SHH station to Sapporo Station (Hokuto 17)
ETD SHH 4.55pm, ETA Sapporo Station 8.34pm [Duration: 3H:39M]

For the 1st leg, some occurrence caused the train to be held up at Chiba for about 30 min so we ended up with about an hour at Tokyo station before we departed on the 2nd leg. We bought several "eki bento" for our lunch from a huge store there,

We fed on these yumilicious Eki-bento enroute to Hakodate. The prices ranged from ¥800~1200.

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